Top Romantic Places of the World

February 14, 2007,

Colmar-in-france Looking for that perfect place to propose to your loved one. Or maybe the perfect destination for your wedding or honeymoon! Check out these romantic places to get your creative juices going.

Based on the My Dear Valentine article "Top 10 Romantic Escapes".

Romantic Place

Cairo in Egypt

Cairo,, Egypt

Cairo in Egypt is also regarded to be a paradise on earth especially for the lovers. The elegance and charm, which surrounds this particular city, makes it a favorable spot among the lovers for conveying their love to each other. Pyramids in Giza are one of the many things, which make this city all the more special.

Colmar in France

Colmar,, France

Colmar in France has been judged as one of the most romantic place in France where lovers can unhesitatingly exchange love vows. The major attractions of Colmar are the numerous vineyards as well as the Alsatian wine industry. Colmar has been renowned as the capital of Haut-Rhin department. The exquisite surroundings of Colmar make it an ideal place for romance.


, Mauritius

Known by the name of ‘Ultimate Romantic Destination’, Mauritius is no wonder so popular among the lovers. The swaying palms, exquisite surroundings, coral reefs and the blue ocean are some of the many things, which add to the beauty of the place.

Monte Carlo in Princedom Monaco

Monte Carlo,, Monaco

Monte Carlo is yet another romantic place where you can convey your love feelings for your loved one. Located at the base of Maritime Alps, it is counted amongst the most romantic places in the world where many love stories have taken shape. The major attractions of Monte Carlo include names like Monte Carlo Casino, Oceanographic Museum, Exotica Garden, The National Museum and Prince's Palace

New York City in USA

New York, NY, US

New York in USA is another alternative for lovers who are in search of a beautiful romantic place for spending some lovable moments with each other. Restaurants, shops and delightful surroundings are some of the major attractions of this city. Few other attractions of New York are Grand central terminal, Liberty Island, Central Park and Skyline.

Paris in France

Paris,, France

Paris is appropriately known as the 'Heaven of Romance' as this is the only place in the entire world where you can announce your eternal love for your cherished beloved in one of the most beautiful way. The major attractions of Paris includes places like Le Louvre, Eiffel tower, Euro Disney, Sacre Coeur, Montparnasse, Arc de Triumphe and Centre Pompidou. So organize a trip to Paris with your beloved and live the most exciting era of romance in the 'Heaven of romance'.

Prague in Czech Republic

Prague,, Czech Republic

Another interesting option for the romantic place can be Prague in Czech Republic. Famous for delicious food, old and traditional castles, kindhearted people and amiable surroundings, this place has definitely made a place for itself among the top most romantic places. Popular for Kafka and Mozart, the city is also famous for providing the lovers with immense opportunities for romantic walking trails.

Schloss Neuschwanstein in Germany

Schwangau, Bayern, DE

A perfect combination of nature's beauty and human's creativity, the Schloss Neuschwanstein in Germany is not less than a heaven on earth. Surrounded by exquisite sceneries, the Schloss Neuschwanstein is one of the most popular castles located in Bavaria.

Venice in Italy

Venice,, Italy

Looking for a memorable place to propose your love feelings to the most cherished person in your life? Well, Venice in Italy is the perfect answer to your search. Venice is famous for its fantastic architecture, romantic surroundings and places like Ponte dei Sospiri, Ponte di Rialto, Piazza San Marco and Canale Grande. All these things together can create an ambiance of romance exclusively fir you and your beloved.

Vienna in Austria

, AT

Vienna in Austria is another suitable place for the lovers. People in love with each other come to visit this beautiful place from every corner of the world. The major attractions of the city includes great architecture, fabulous art and music and fantastic places like Museum of Fine Arts, Schoenbrunn Palace, Sigmund Freud Museum, St Stephen's Cathedral, Belvedere Palace and The Hofburg Imperial Palace.