4. Halong Bay

Romantic Escape

Now that you've found your knight in shining armor, put his dragon-slaying skills to the test in this ancient dragon's lair near the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. Indeed, "Ha Long" means "where the dragon descends into the sea" and, once you're sailing the enchanting emerald-green waters here, you'll easily understand why the bay is believed to have been formed by the thrashing of a dragon's tail. It's a sight that confirms Vietnam's status as one of the most romantic countries in Asia; undoubtedly the country's most mesmerizing natural setting, this UNESCO-protected area is dotted with grottoes, some 3000 limestone islets (only one of which is inhabited), and often shrouded in mist, which only adds to its mystique. While day trips are available, we strongly recommend booking an overnight cruise to experience the bay's phenomenal sunset and sunrise, as well as more of its splendid landscapes. Our favorite agencies for two-day cruises are Emeraude Cruises and Buffalo Tours.


Halong Bay

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