5. Nevis

Romantic Escape

If you're craving a Caribbean getaway that's just as high on romance as it is on R & R, look no further than darling Nevis (pronounced n-EE-vis), the sister island of St. Kitts. A quiet, old Caribbean charm reigns on this 36-square-mile patch of land that famously produced Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States. Nowadays, cocooning lovers can hole up in converted plantation houses—rather than sterile high-rise beach resorts—where atmospheric verandahs, louvered windows and four-poster beds guarantee your hours, if not days, will be spent canoodling. Should you deign to leave your room, the island's scenery is equally entrancing: Disused stone sugar mills are now overgrown with vines, lush island paths invite hiking and horseback riding and sugarcane fields lead to remarkable restaurants serving fine Creole fare. Add in the fact that Nevis is still relatively difficult to get to (you have to change planes in Antigua, St. Maarten, or Puerto Rico), and you'll be looking at spending serious quality time with your sweetie—without having to share him or her with other vacationing sun worshipers.



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